Recreational & Competitive Programs


Ages 10 months - 3 years old. This class is designed as a lead up to our Tumbling 3s & 4s class. It provides a great opportunity for a parent to spend quality time with their child. Our goal is to simulate gross motor skill development through the use of obstacle courses, our preschool equipment and gross motor activities…all while having fun!

Mommy & Me Structured Class or Open Gym Class

 General motor skills such as walking forwards, sideways and backwards along with various jumping activities are covered. Tumbling and rolls are introduced Basic skills on balance beams are taught to enhance balance. Hanging and swinging activities on bars, and jumping on trampoline is introduced!

Tumbling 3's & 4's

Students will be working on all Olympic events/equipment: Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Vault. Further, they will use trampolines, foam pits, spring floors and a large variety of small specialized equipment. Our objectives for your child are to learn proper gymnastics skills in a safe manner, and increase strength, flexibility, coordination, and fitness levels. Our goal for your child is to become a hard working, self-confident and healthy individual. This class is separated by gender & skill level.

Beginner Girls & Boys

FAST class is a perfect way for athletes to let out their energy and train in the offseason. This class uses all the equipment in the gym and combines the strength training skills of gymnastics to become stronger and more powerful. This class includes: agility ladders, bar swings, chin ups, obstacle courses for speed & endurance, conditioning, trampoline, sled pushing, and much more. This class is coached by Mr. Mi

FAST - Force. Agility. Sports. Training

This class is the next level up from the beginner class. To join this class gymnasts have pullovers & back-hip circles on bars, hand-stands & cartwheels on beam, front-handsprings & back-handsprings on floor, & hand-stand flat back on the vault mat!

Intermediate/Advanced Gymnastics

Our recreational cheer program is focused on learning and mastering the basics of cheerleading, motions, jumps, and stunts are learned during each practice. The goal of the recreational program is to teach the beginner athlete the fundamentals of cheerleading. Learning the fundamentals will help them prepare for all-star cheerleading, high school, and will ensure they become more flexible and confident athletes.

Rec Cheerleading

Level 1 & 2 cheer tumbling skills are based off the USASF All-Star Cheer Requirements. These classes prepare them for the specific tumbling requirements for each level and is taught using a strict curriculum to teach proper progression. All-star cheerleaders that utilize this class typically excel in tumbling during their normal cheer practices. 


• Level 1:

  1. Front Roll/Back Roll

  2. Cartwheels/Handstands

  3. Round-offs

  4. Front and Back Walkovers



• Level 2:

  1. Back-Handspring

  2. Front-Handspring

  3. Level 1 Tumbling connected to a Handspring

Level 1 & 2 Cheer Tumbling (Gymnasts also welcome)

Our advanced class works with students to have a minimum round-off back handspring tuck on the Tumble Trak. This class will focus on the development of the tucks and layouts. We will do so by adding the fine details to the handsprings, this will help gain the much needed power to perform twisting skills properly. Once students have obtained the proper technique for the tuck and layout they will be properly prepare for the twisting skills including fulls and doubles.

Level 3-5 Cheer Tumbling (Gymnasts also welcome)

Kids will have fun in the gym using the gymnastics equipment including foam pits, 3 Olympic sized trampolines, 2 Olympic sized floors, and lots of other equipment. Coaches are available to supervise and help if needed!

Open Gym

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.  The Xcel program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.

Xcel is a great program for gymnasts that:   

  • Are a variety of levels, abilities, ages and commitment levels and want to enjoy all the benefits that gymnastics has to offer while having more flexibility than the Junior Olympic Program.

  • Have a passion for gymnastics and want to stay in involved in the sport for the long term, while not striving for the goal of being a Level 10 or elite gymnast.

  • Cannot be in the gym the number of hours that the Junior Olympic Program requires because of other activities or sports but still want to be a competitive gymnast.

  • Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

XCEL Competitive Gymnastics

These athletes will compete with grace and athleticism in all four Olympic gymnastics events: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor. Twisters Gymnastics is a USA Gymnastics member, with routines and requirements set-up through the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program. We believe in making sure that athletes are both physically and mentally prepared to successfully compete at each level. Twisters athletic team staff are Professional Members and Safety Certified by USA Gymnastics. We pride ourself in having a premier coaching staff in Berlin, Maryland. The Twisters Athletics competitive gymnastics team will travel and compete nationally and internationally. Competitive gymnastics will teach girls the importance of hard work, ethics, perseverance, goal setting, achievements, teamwork, personal fitness, friendships and life skills that they will take with them far beyond their gymnastics years.

Junior Olympic Competitive Gymnastics Program Levels 2-10 Boys & Girls